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Facebook Changing their policy re: private posts

Facebook is set to change their policy of all posts being private by default to making them public by default. As a marketing professional this is pretty heady stuff. The ability to target my advertising based on real-time information being posted by Facebookers is an amazing motherload. BUT….. and it’s a big but… as a person using Facebook for personal and professional reasons, I’m pretty sure I don’t want all my posts public by default.

Personally, I post… well, personal messages to my friends and family. Innocuous as they may be, they are not meant for public consumption. And professionally, on occasion I post my thoughts on topics for my clients to comment on. Again, these are not for public consumption but for a specific audience. If I want the comment to be public, then I make a blog post. My choice…. I chose to use Facebook this way because they had a system in place that allowed me to keep my comments separated and private. Now, I’ll have to re-evaluate every time I want to post something.

Read the article here about the changes and post comments back or let me know what you think. Am I being too concerned? The Day Facebook Changed – Messages to Become Public by Default –

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