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Results, faster.

Digital Advertising is the fastest method to get very targeted traffic to your website and should always have a place in a strong Digital Marketing plan. You can very clearly define your customer and bring exactly those people to your site. Digital advertising also allows you to test and refine your message, product mix and even test your page design very quickly and very cost effectively.

Clear Blue Sky Digital is Google Adwords Certified and is constantly working to stay on top of current digital advertising trends. Our advertising plans usually include other platforms such as YouTube, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others.

Types of ads we regularly run for our clients:

If your site is like most, at least half of your traffic is coming from mobile users. Make sure your message is where they are searching right when they are searching.

Text Ads
Keyword based PPC campaigns are a foundation of most ad campaigns and a great way to gain quick visibility.

Display Ads
The AdWords display network is one of the biggest and lets us reach very niche audiences for you. We can run both graphic and text ads here.

YouTube and Social Video is a strong performer whether it’s a video ad, an overlay, or display. Let us help you get the most from these platforms.

Also known as retargeting, remarketing generally receives 10x more click through than display ads. A great way to build brand recognition and sales!

They Know Their Stuff

What a blessing it has been to have found Clear Blue Sky Digital. They know their stuff and can explain it in language that any of we non-internet savvy people can understand. And best of all, they follow-through!

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