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Business As Un-usual – Week 2

Business as un-usual – week 2

We completed our first week of sheltering in place last week and like many are saying, it was really weird and stressful. Mind you, we’re used to working from home since Clear Blue Sky Digital has been doing it since 2004. But this is different. There’s an added layer of fear and uncertainty that makes it hard to stay focused and productive. Everyone is feeling it. 

This week, while we’re still a bit rattled, we’ve also recognized that there is much that we can do to help. We’ve been through tough times in business before, from the dot-com bust, to 9/11 and the 2008 recession. We’ve weathered tough times and will do it this time too, albeit from a 6 foot distance. 

Ways we at Clear Blue Sky Digital can help you:

  • We have experience with remote working. If you have questions or wonder what platforms to use to help you and your team stay connected and productive, give me a call and I’m happy to talk you through how we do it. 
  • If you’re trying to figure out how your messaging needs to change right now, we can help you work it out.
  • You may need to pivot your offline business to online. We’re here to talk that through with you and offer ideas and help to get it implemented. We have lots of business connections and helpful resources to offer you. 
  • And finally, if what you need is to talk to another business owner and bounce ideas around (or just talk), I’m here for that too. 

We all need to support each other as business people right now so that we’re all still standing when it’s over. If there’s anything you need that I didn’t mention, please just ask. 

Stay safe at home and hug your family,


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