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Social Networking Wars

Com Score has released the latest ranking of the top 50 Web properties in the US. No surprises in the top 3, however an interesting bit of data that is NOT reflected in this chart is the battle between FaceBook and MySpace. ComScore lumps all the Fox Interactive properties together which, of course, include MySpace. However, in another report from June of this year, the data shows FaceBook taking over the coveted number 1 spot in Social Networking from MySpace.

Prior to coming across this data, it seemed that everyone I know is moving to FaceBook . As an advertiser, I’ve looked at both and used both but lately, I would choose FaceBook over MySpace if there were limited budgets. Now, MySpace has fired back with a recently launched beta MySpace Music. They are attracting some big names which could be a draw to bring people back to the MySpace fold.

Tell us what you think… do you use one or the other or do you use both MySpace and FaceBook?

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