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Online Marketing Tactics Used by US Marketers

An April survey of US Marketers reveals that money is moving from more traditional marketing avenues to various online tactics and the main motivator seems to be accountability. American businesses have begun to figure out what we’ve been saying for years… that EVERYTHING is trackable online and very little is trackable offline. It seems that it’s taken a bad economy to finally force people to really look at ROI as opposed to just spending the available budget and hope for the best. Here’s the article.

I’m a little surprised by the numbers for email marketing since I really don’t see a lot of effective email campaigns (which isn’t to say they don’t happen, they obviously do!) But I am heartened by the SEO and Paid search numbers since I really believe in strong foundational SEO campaigns as the bedrock on which you build other online work.

On the flip side, it astounds me that we still are hearing from otherwise smart business people that they don’t know what their ROI is or worse that they aren’t measuring! If you’re spending the money, you’ve GOT to measure if it’s effective. That should be written on marketers foreheads till it sinks in!

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