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Microsoft Bing Loses Search Share — InformationWeek

Well, as predicted Bing couldn’t hold that momentum of gaining searchers. Microsoft Bing Loses Search Share — InformationWeek

I just don’t think that there’s enough different about Bing to really grab people and make them avid Bing users. Also, there’s the comfort factor. I am comfortable with where everything is at Google and don’t want to have to search for similar features on Bing. Not to mention Google gives me good, relevant, useful results.

As the InformationWeek article states, MS will have another big advertising push when they release Windows 7 later this month and I predict that there will be another slight bump for Bing, followed by a similar slump. They are going to have to really work on the product to differentiate it and make it something unique and useful to gain market share. Being “just another Search Engine” isn’t going to cut it.

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