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Important Search Engine News – Week of 3/1/05

Latest Search Engine Ranking Stats

Here are the Nielsen/NetRating February Search Engine market share numbers. No surprises here, Google is still number one providing 47 percent of all searches done in February, followed by Yahoo with 21 percent and MSN trailing at 13 percent.

Of particular interest in this article is a finding that the majority of searchers use multiple search engines. Again Google comes out on top, but they share 58 percent of their visitors with Yahoo and MSN. This finding clearly points out how important it is to spread your Search Engine marketing attention and dollars across the 3 major engines rather than focusing only on Google.

Overture to become Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions

Two years after Yahoo! acquired Overture, it is dropping the Overture name and moving to integrate it into the Yahoo! advertising unit. The change will occur in the 2nd quarter of 2005 with the launch of a new Advertising Solutions Center Web site, where advertisers can access search marketing tools as well as the company’s other offerings like Yahoo! Shopping’s Product Submit and Yahoo! Directory’s Express.

Yahoo! is making a big push to be responsive to smaller advertisers/publishers. My guess is they’ll have new tools more like Google’s AdSense soon.

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