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How To Hire An SEO Firm

I recently received a forwarded email from a client asking about the validity of the claims in the email. It was from a spammer saying that they could guarantee 1st place in Google. My client was asking if that was indeed possible and what would I charge to do that? (Mind you, many of his pages ARE in first place!)

This is a scenario that plays itself out several times a year for anyone doing professional SEO. I’ve written lengthy explanations as to why it isn’t true many times over. So, after giving him the scoop, I also sent him some authoratative links on the subject including some to Google and Yahoo’s pages on the topic.

The Google page is particularly good since it examines a number of the shady practices of “black-hat” SEO firms and how to spot them. And, just to be clear, W3PR has always been, and will always be a “White-hat” SEO firm.

Enjoy the links and just say NO to spam! 🙂

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